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1. Something I Know I Shouldn't Do

2. Living With Our Mistakes

3. Raisin' Humans

4. Long Way From OK

5. She Calls Me Daddy

6. The Road Less Traveled

7. I Couldn't Care Less

8. Am I Still Wanted in Tennessee

9. Closer Than They Appear

10. Grandma's Rocking Chair



New Album 1431: The Road Less Traveled coming Feb. 28 and available for pre sale on iTunes now.

I've always wanted to do an album like this. All acoustic, no auto tune, stripped down and all about the songs. We even left the voice cracks and everything in there. I've always wanted to do it for me but I think the fans deserve honesty. And this is me honestly. No bells, no whistles. Just me singing and playing guitar, the legendary Glen Duncan playing fiddle, Don Kerce playing bass, and Miss Angela Hurt singing background vocals. I was also lucky enough to borrow Keith Whitleys old Gibson J-180 from his ex brother-in-law to use on this album

I'm blessed to continue to write with these people and proud to bring you my songs in their purest form. Thanks for listening y'all. 

1431: The Road Less Traveled

  • Due to the Covid shutdowns the CD duplication place I use in Nashville just re opened on May 9, 2020.  Obviously they have quite the backlog of orders to fill and are working hard to get these orders out in the order they were received.  

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