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Track List:


1.  As Far As I'll Go

2.  Closest Thing

3.  Is it Just Me

4.  Till She Can Hold Her Own

5.  Don't Go There

6.  Whiskey Over Time

7.  Missing You Yet (Work Tape)





This album got it's name from an old story about legendary producer Billy Sherrill and the fact that all these songs were pitched to other artists and they "passed" on them.  


While Billy Sherrill was producing artists like George Jones, Tammy Wynetty and Charlie Rich he would get thousands of songs submitted to him on "demo tapes" from publishers and songwriters like myself.  Most of the songs he didn't record or as they say in the business he "passed" on them.  These tapes were piled into cardboard boxes and he stamped them with a giant red rubber stamp in the shape of texas that said "El Paso".


The songs on this record were passed on by artists like Dierks Bentley, George Strait and Easton Corbin just name a few.  I decided to record them for myself in the spirit of Billy Sherrill's sense of humor I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for the album.

El Paso CD

  • Due to the Covid shutdowns the CD duplication place I use in Nashville just re opened on May 9, 2020.  Obviously they have quite the backlog of orders to fill and are working hard to get these orders out in the order they were received.  

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